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Assistive Technology

for the

Visually Impaired

Voice-Guided  Mobile Apps for Your Community, Office Building or School

Real-time, voice-guided mobile apps provide freedom for those affected by visual impairment to safely explore new surroundings.

Small Towns and Communities

Provide an easy, safe way for visually impaired residents and visitors to navigate your streets, parks and shops. Assistive mobile technology gives those who are visually impaired the freedom to experience your community like never before with the addition of voice-guided assistance helping them along the way.

Office Buildings

Buildings and indoor spaces can be extremely confusing to visually impaired individuals. By adding a layer of assistance, you can provide them the ability to navigate your building safely and with confidence.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities are excellent examples of how assistive technology can help visually impaired students, faculty and visitors. Whether you need to create indoor, voice-guided navigation or outdoor campus-wide assistance--our custom assistive technology mobile apps can be the affordable solution you have been searching for.  

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