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Beacons in Education

Transform Learning Spaces into Experiential Journeys

How it Works:
A student approaches a beacon-enabled object (i.e. dinosaurs, planets, shapes, letters, numbers or any other topic) with their iPad. Once they are in a specified proximity to the object, the iPad responds by automatically navigating to a page with content relating to that object. Video, audio, images, text, quizzes and more can be presented to the student providing a new, interactive learning experience.

And when education is an experience, it's fun!

Educational Apps That Make Kids Get Up and Move

Tablets are great for learning--but they create a sedentary environment. iDevise is looking to change that by creating custom educational solutions that offer engaging, interactive learning experiences through the use of tablets, proximity sensors (Bluetooth beacons) and of course the educational topic of choice. You choose the subject matter and we'll work with you to create the custom content. When a student moves around the learning space and comes within a specified range of a sensor, topic-specific content is automatically delivered to their tablet's screen. Videos, audio, and more will be triggered and played. As they move around the indoor space, throughout the building or even outside, the content will continue to change based on their location. We can create content and then deliver a pop quiz or build a scavenger hunt with a special reward for those who finish. The options are only limited to your imagination--and we look forward to working with you to creating the most memorable, fun, customized learning experience that we can think of. 

Beacons Helping Children with Disabilities

By integrating sensor beacons into learning, you are able to create self-guided content for students. This provides the ability to associate content to areas or items (ie. corner of a room or embedded in a toy dinosaur) and the content be triggered on a tablet automatically. This creates a learning environment where the child is free to enjoy educational content without having to manually navigate to specific pages of the tablet's application. 

Beacons Providing Guidance for the

Visually Impaired

Among many useful beacon app implementations is the ability to provide audible guidance to those who are visually impaired. Creating walking directions through the use of these sensors and an associated app provides visually impaired students with the freedom to get from one place to another--think "indoor turn-by-turn directions." 

Audible notifications for the visually impaired are also being implemented on public transit buses to assist with stop recognition. This concept can be easily transitioned to function on school buses so children can increase awareness of their location while riding to and from school.

Click here to see how this technology is working on public transit buses.

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