Make Your Workspace Work For You


The need to understand how space is being utilized and occupied become imperative as companies strive to create the best work environment for their employees while also maximizing efficiency. With the adoption of flexible workspace strategies such as hot desking, agile working and activity-based working, companies seek visibility into every aspect of workspace usage including assigned areas like desks and non-assigned areas like conference rooms, meeting areas, etc., to gauge the effectiveness of space utilization and to provide a productive work atmosphere. Our Workplace Optimization solution is a comprehensive indoor location-based solution that provides real-time visibility and historical occupancy heat maps by workplaces, zones, and desks in a single dashboard thereby, facilitating the facility managers to make the workspace work for them.

Our Workplace Optimization Solution is built on a cloud-based platform for Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) and analytics. The solution provides occupancy levels across various workplaces with historical insights into top utilized areas, along with information into the current occupancy rate.


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Workforce Optimization: Based on the strategic utilization insights from above, real-time employee location data can assist with tactical decisions that enhance collaboration and employee productivity.
Space Utilization/Room Occupancy: Access occupancy levels across various workspaces, floors and zones with insights into top utilized areas by historical usage.
Employee Visibility & Emergency Egress: Account for every employee in real-time in case of emergency promoting employee safety and adhering to evacuation best practices.
Security & Access Control: Monitor secure areas with dynamic and virtual geofences. BLE Badges can be integrated with HID access control solutions for secure access along with indoor location capabilities.
Wayfinding: Enhance visitor and employee experience by providing digital signage and wayfinding.

What are Workplace Optimization Solutions (WPOs)?


Between the cost of having underutilized real estate space, and the cost to outfit that space, enhanced space management can reap huge potential savings for organizations. Not just in terms of optimized space utilization, but also in terms of energy usage and increased facility asset management. With the trend of today’s flexible workplace transformation, facility managers need sophisticated capabilities to forecast space usage. Using historical utilization data, corporate real estate professionals can make strategic workspace utilization decisions that identify under- utilized areas, recognize gaps for potential space efficiencies and result in considerable real estate cost savings.

Space Utilization & Room Occupancy


Accounting for all employees and visitors following an evacuation is critical. Manual checklists and confusion at mustering points could delay rescue operations. Real-time location visibility is critical at such times of emergency. Our Mustering solution can leverage both BLE Badges and users’ mobile phones to determine head count at mustering points. Further, it provides building owners a solution that is in compliance with the evacuation best practices put forth by the United States Department of Labor agency – Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for mustering, emergency and evacuation.

Employee Visibility & Emergency Egress

iDevise IoT mustering workplace safety

Organizations can use the operational data from occupancy and space utilization to facilitate employee productivity initiatives such as creating collaborative work environments and reorganized workspace structure. Our workplace solution provides the ability to find the right person at the right place, and at the right time. The interactive zone map can be used to determine space availability in a hoteling environment.

Hot Desking & Occupancy Tracking


Our Bluetooth badges can be integrated with HID access control solutions – the global leaders in secure access solutions; providing physical access control solutions into buildings along with the ability to monitor real-time indoor location data in a single solution. With our WPO, organizations  can monitor and secure large, open areas with dynamic geofences and set user-defined, real-time alerts when a person enters a restricted area or an "authorized personnel only" area.

Building Access Control & Security


Whether it’s a patient in a hospital or health care facility or a guest in a hotel, resort or office complex, the ability to get from one point to another efficiently and understand locations of resources and points of interest is paramount to their experience.

In our partnership with Phunware, iDevise provides a complete solution from the wayfinding app, the map digitization tools and the beacon and gateway hardware to provide users with a simple-to-use, turn-by-turn wayfinding solution available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Wayfinding Solutions to Guide Your Guests