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IoT for Industrial & Manufacturing

Simple real-time location & condition monitoring of equipment & employees.

Within manufacturing operations, there are several processes that are critical to the overall success of the organization. Key amongst these are – Asset Tracking, Employee Optimization, and Asset Condition Monitoring. iDevise provides solutions for all three of these processes using the same infrastructure, thereby keeping costs low and optimizing for the entire operation. 

Asset Tracking & Visibility

Breakthrough RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) lets you know where your assets (equipment or people) are, at any given instance, regardless of whether they are in a single location or multiple locations. This sophisticated technology not only tracks in real-time but also with great accuracy – within one-meter, and in and out of user-defined geo-fences, leveraging a simple, cost-effective architecture. Path history, heat maps, and predictive analysis can be used to track history of movement, thus bringing significant insights into your environment, whether it’s a complex manufacturing environment, an airport, or a large-scale retail environment.

Remote Condition Monitoring for Motors, Conveyors & Pumps

In most manufacturing environments, few, if any pieces of rotating equipment (motors, drives, gearboxes, etc) are being monitored for predictive maintenance. The few pieces of equipment that are being monitored typically are the most expensive assets in a plant and are rarely the only assets that can cause a line to shut down.

The reasons that more assets aren’t being monitored is simple – using legacy technology is prohibitive when attempting to monitor.

Condition Monitoring (CM) dramatically changes this. Condition Monitoring is a low-cost, wireless, remote condition-monitoring solution that provides vibration and temperature data in real-time. Data is collected and sent through our CM beacon and WiFi gateway to the cloud where it is analyzed. Our cloud-based AI learns the unique baseline vibration behavior for each asset on which the beacon is installed, and generate alerts when this vibration behavior changes significantly, which can often time be indicative of a change in asset health state. Feedback is provided to the user to enable proactive maintenance, inspections, and operations decisions.


Connected Coolers & Refrigeration Monitoring

Our Connected Cooler solution is a remote, real-time solution that provides significant data about and around commercial/operational coolers, refrigerators and vending machines. The solution comprises of BLE beacons with sensors that are placed in the units and are connected to our cloud solution, via a SDK on an app or through a Bluetooth to WiFi gateway. The real advantage to using the Connected Cooler solution is in its ease of installation. The ‘stick and go; installation requires the beacons to be stuck to a flat surface on the cooler, refrigerator or vending machine and the WiFi gateways can be plugged in to an A/C outlet.

  • Click here to see how the same hardware infrastructure of the sensor beacons and WiFi gateways can be used for a multitude of use cases:
    Asset Control: Alerts when the cooler is moved from its location, predictive analysis allows for scheduled maintenance thereby reducing downtime and enabling timely restocking. Technical Diagnostics: Monitors motor & compressor health, and provides recorded and real-time temperature conditions. Sales performance: Provides the ability to measure footfalls, dwell time analytics around cooler and restocking from tracking traffic to cooler as well as count the number of door opens. Consumer Engagement: Engages consumers with POS campaigns using Bluvision’s CMS and beacons that reaches multiple users – both android and iOS simultaneously. Further, the solution also supports coolers, refrigerators and vending machines that are being refurbished or new ones that are going into the field. The data and insights can be accessed either through a mobile app accessed by the field personnel, or through our cloud solution.

Employee Visibility & Workplace Optimization

Optimal asset performance is often the difference between profits & losses and success & failure. Whether the assets are vending machines, pallets of expensive repair parts, a promotional endcap within a retail store or employees within your workforce. In all of these situations, iDevise is able to help capture millions of events around these assets and make this information available in meaningful formats through our our Cloud solution. This information enables you to both – reduce costs by reducing inefficiencies and increase revenue by taking advantage of opportunities.

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