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UX/UI Design

Design. It's all around us. Look in all directions. What do you see? Patterns on a pillow, pillars on a home, the shape of your soup spoon. All created with a purpose. Some more form. Some more function. It's when form and function harmoniously unite that emotional connections are created.
This is how we think. This is how we design.

Proximity-based Apps & Experiential Marketing

Offer customers and visitors new ways to interact with your brand and products.
Build mobile and tablet-based apps and use sensors to trigger contextual experiences. Connect with us below to discuss your use case.
photo jul 16, 4 02 21 pm.png
photo jul 16, 4 02 51 pm.png
photo jul 16, 4 03 03 pm.png
photo jul 16, 4 03 09 pm.png
photo jul 16, 4 03 20 pm.png

Voice Search Prototyping

Voice Search. Alexa. Google Assistant. Siri... It's the next generation of search and user experience/interface design. If you are not offering your audience a way to interact with your product or service with voice you will lose market share to competitors that do. We can quickly create voice prototypes for your mobile UI/UX needs and share them with your team of developers. 
DSG Voice Seach App UI Prototype
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