UX/UI Design

Design. It's all around us. Look in all directions. What do you see? Patterns on a pillow, pillars on a home, the shape of your soup spoon. All created with a purpose. Some more form. Some more function. It's when form and function harmoniously unite that emotional connections are created.
This is how we think. This is how we design.

Proximity-based Apps & Experiential Marketing

Offer customers and visitors new ways to interact with your brand and products.
Build mobile and tablet-based apps and use sensors to trigger contextual experiences. Connect with us below to discuss your use case.

Voice Search Prototyping

Voice Search. Alexa. Google Assistant. Siri... It's the next generation of search and user experience/interface design. If you are not offering your audience a way to interact with your product or service with voice you will lose market share to competitors that do. We can quickly create voice prototypes for your mobile UI/UX needs and share them with your team of developers. 
DSG Voice Seach App UI Prototype

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